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Company NameJapan E.M. Solutions Co., Ltd. (Abbreviated JEMS)
AddressHead Office: 35, Saho, Kato, Hyogo Prefecture Tel.: 0795-42-5611 (Switchboard)
PresidentPresident and Representative Director: Hideaki Takahashi
EstablishedJanuary 16, 2018
Business Operations- Development, Manufacturing and Repair of PDAs
- Development, Manufacturing, and Retention of Displays
- Design, Manufacturing, and Repair Services for Ubiquitous Products and PCBAs
Capital1,652,500,000 Yen (As of June 1, 2018)
Accounting DateMarch 31
Employees379 (As of March 20, 2019)
  1. President and Representative Director
  2. Hideaki Takahashi
  3. Director
  4. Masaharu Kimura (Part-time)
  5. Director
  6. Junpei Yamada (Part-time)
  7. Director
  8. Hidenori Kobe (Part-time)
  9. Director
  10. Takashi Ishida (Part-time)
  11. Corporate Executive Officer and President
  12. Hideaki Takahashi
  13. Corporate Executive Officer
  14. Hideto Takeuchi
  15. Corporate Executive Officer
  16. Tomoaki Fukuda
  17. Corporate Executive Officer
  18. Mitsuhiro Goto
  19. Corporate Executive Officer
  20. Katsunori Hayasaka
Acquisition certification ISO14001(Certification number:EC19J0005)
ISO9001(Certification number:JQA-QMA15884)
1984Fujitsu Peripherals Limited (FPE) is established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Ltd.
R&D division begins operations (at Fujitsu's Akashi Plant)
1985First building of main factory completes, operations begin
Production of CRT displays begins
1986Production of PCBA (printed circuit board) boards begins
1987Printer (laser, impact) production begins
1989Second building of main factory completes
1993LCD display production begins
2000Keihin Development Center opens (contracted development of mobile information terminals begins)
2007Production of PDAs begins
2008Repair services for PDAs begin
2010Production of tablet computers begins
2014Company merges with Fujitsu Mobile Phone Products
2018JanuaryJEMS Holdings Co., Ltd. is established
FebruaryJapan E.M. Solutions Co., Ltd. (JEMS) is established
MarchFPE's ubiquitous products business broken off; given to JEMS.
Portion of JEMS transferred to Polaris Capital Group Co., Ltd. (Polaris)
[Capital Ratio] JEMS (Polaris: 81%, Fujitsu: 19%)
April Operations at JEMS begin
JuneTrade name changes to Japan E.M. Solutions (JEMS).
2019AprilShares held by Fujitsu are transferred to Polaris.
[Capital Ratio] JEMS (Polaris: 100%)