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We combine in-house technologies, experience, and knowledge to offer one-stop solutions.

JEMS offers one-stop solutions made possible through our many years of accumulated experience and technologies. In addition, we are now working to improve our production line by taking advantage of data analysis. Moreover, our comprehensive pricing supports customers by including aftercare service and more.
Incorporating mechatronics into our manufacturing process to push automation in-house.
Whether handing small-lot or mass production, automating our manufacturing process allows us to maintain quality while ensuring costs that are competitive with the rest of the world. This initiative started in 2008. In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, one of JEMS's strengths is our ability to automate the entire manufacturing process in house. It all started with a project by our engineers to automate development of screws for Docomo's Raku-Raku cellphone.

Using our experience and know-how to make advancements to automated machinery, becoming the destination for one-stop solutions.
In fact, while we thought screws would be simple, the project proved to be a difficult struggle. The simple process of screwing down the cover in a fixed position did not go according to planned, with resistance from the cover and variations across parts. We were able to resolve these issues by developing a camera-based system. With this case as an example, we have employed our experience and know-how to achieve automated production lines, whether requiring us to modify detailed movements of a robotic arm, or come up with various wireless prototyping processing programs. We offer integrated one-stop solutions, using your provided specifications to handle everything from design, production, inspection, shipping, and even repair.

A repair system created with an emphasis on total cost and being “Made in Japan.”
Through automation, we have established a complete traceability system by using a variety of data from each process. In particular, our past history repairing mobile phones has allowed us to achieve a low-cost, high-speed system. We use in-house devices to remove malfunctioning parts, regardless of their size, without damaging the board. This eliminates wasteful spending on new board replacements, and the pricing structure, which includes support, ensures a Japanese standard of quality with total cost.