Protection of Personal Information


Our company's philosophy on personal information protection

Japan E.M. Solutions Co., Ltd. continually strives to create new value and perpetually provide total solutions through the high performance and high quality products and services demanded by customers based on robust information technology, in order to achieve both profit and growth, and coexist with both international and local society. We believe that it is an important responsibility and duty of our company to appropriately manage the personal information of customers, clients, shareholders, employees, and other individuals which is handled in the course of attempting to achieve the aforementioned goals, and we strive continually strive ensure personal information is appropriately protected in accordance with the following Personal Information Protection Policy.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Japan E.M. Solutions Co., Ltd. recognizes the appropriate handling of personal information as part of its social responsibility as a company and pledges to protect and respect personal information in accordance with the provisions of each of the following items based on our philosophy of respecting the character and rights of individuals.

  1. 1.We shall continually strive to ensure the appropriate management of personal information by implementing periodic training related to the personal information protection management system for all company employees and officers and appointing a supervising manager for each division which handles personal information.
  2. 2.Personal information shall only be used for purposes to which the information provider has agreed, purposes for which notification or public disclosure has been provided, or purposes permitted by law. In addition, measures shall be implemented to ensure that no unintended usage (usage for any purposes other than the allowed purposes) occurs.
  3. 3.Personal information shall not be provided to any third parties excepting in cases where approved by the information provider or where required by law. In addition, when providing personal information to third parties, contracts shall be concluded with said third parties so that said third parties shall be held responsible and liable for the appropriate management of the personal information.
  4. 4.In order to prevent any leaks, loss, destruction, etc. of personal information, personal information shall be securely managed, with all appropriate efforts applied to both ensure and improve the security of the personal information, and all reasonable measures implemented to prevent any of the aforementioned risks from occurring.
  5. 5.All complaints and consultation related to our company's handling of personal information, as well as all requests for disclosure, etc. of personal information from individuals who have the right to request such disclosure, etc. (the individuals to whom the information belongs or their proxies) shall be promptly and appropriately handled by the contact about which notification is provided to the personal information supplier before supplying information.
  6. 6.All laws, government stipulated guidelines, and any other rules or regulations related to the handling of personal information shall be strictly obeyed, and continual improvements shall be made to our company's Personal Information Protection Management System.

Established: June 1, 2018
Revised: November 11, 2021
Japan E.M. Solutions Co., Ltd.
President Takahashi Hideaki

Please note, out company accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for ensuring the protection of user personal information on any third party linked websites.

Please refer toPersonal information related inquiries, complaints, and consultationfor inquiries related to our Personal Information Protection Policy.

Handling of personal information

Our company shall exercise the utmost caution and care in the management of personal information provided by users when handling such information.

Safety control measures

Our company has established appropriate measures necessary for the prevention of leak, loss, or destruction of personal information, and all other personal information security management.

  1. Establishment of basic policies
    • Basic policies shall be established regarding the "observance of relevant laws, guidelines, regulations, etc.", "contacts for handling of inquiries and complaints", and other pertinent matters in order to ensure the appropriate handling of personal information.
  2. Establishment of regulations related to the handling of personal information
    • Personal information handling regulations shall be established covering handling methods; responsible personnel, supervisors and their duties, and other pertinent items for each stage of handling of personal information including, but not limited to, acquisition, usage, storage, provision, deletion, and disposal.
  3. Organizational safety control measures
    • In addition to assigning personal information handling related supervisors, the scope of employees who may handle personal information, and the scope of the personal information which may be handled by said employees shall be clarified, and in addition a reporting system shall be established for reporting to the relevant supervisors in the event any violation of laws or handling regulations is discovered or suspected.
    • Self-inspections and audits by other divisions and external auditors shall be implemented periodically regarding personal information handling conditions.
  4. Personnel safety control measures
    • Periodic training on the important points of handling of personal information shall be implemented for all employees.
    • Items related to the duty to maintain the confidentiality of personal information shall be included in the company's employment regulations.
  5. Physical safety control measures
    • Entry and exit management and restrictions on introduction of information devices, etc. shall be implemented for areas where personal information is handled, and other appropriate measures shall be implemented to prevent the viewing of personal information by any unauthorized individuals.
    • Measures shall be implemented to prevent the theft, loss, etc. of devices, electronic storage media, documents, etc. which handle or contain personal information, and further measures shall be implemented to prevent easy access to said personal information when the relevant devices, electronic storage media, etc. are relocated or moved, including any movement within the place of business.
  6. Technical safety control measures
    • Access controls shall be implemented and the scope of personal information supervisors and access to databases of handled personal information shall be restricted.
    • Measures shall be implemented to protect systems which handle personal information from any external unauthorized access or malicious software.

Personal information usage purposes

Personal information provided to our company shall be used for the following purposes. In addition, personal information may be used for other purposes when separate authorization for the specific usage is obtained from the individual to whom the information belongs.

■ Personal information directly provided by users

Personal information types and usage purposes are as follows.

Information obtained in inquiries For response to the relevant inquiries
Information provided via
our company website
For response to the relevant inquiries
Information related to clients For the procurement of products and services to be used by our company
Information related to shareholders For the holding and operation of, and invitation of shareholders to general meetings of shareholders, etc., and for the implementation of other shareholder related tasks
Information related to job applicants For the purposes of contacting applicants and selecting individuals for employment
Information on company employee families,
relevant parties, etc.
For the purposes of personnel management of company employees
Information related to retired employees For sending of notifications and other required communications

■Personal information which is obtained indirectly

Personal information received from the parties consigning work
when carrying out consigned or contracted work
In accordance with agreements concluded with the parties consigning work
Audio and voice records such as
call center telephone conversations, etc.
For maintaining and improving support quality and assessing quality

Personal Information Protection Manager

Corporate Division Supervising Corporate Officer

Provision to third parties

Information is not provided to any third parties excepting in cases where approved by the user or where required by law.

Outsourcing of personal information

Handling of personal information may be contracted outside of our company (outsourced). In such cases, the contractors are carefully screened and selected and supervised to ensure that all information is handled appropriately.

Obligation to provide personal information

The provision of personal information shall be voluntary, and the majority of website features will still function even if personal information is not provided, however please note that it may not be possible to utilize some specific options, offers, services, etc. if required personal information is not provided.

Cookies and web beacons

Some of the pages on our company's website may use cookies and web beacons in order to provide better service to users. These functions are similar to the sales staff at department stores where users may occasionally shop. These sales staff do not know customers' names or addresses, but they may be familiar with customer's faces and preferences in order to attempt to provide customers with better service. Computers are not able to recognize a user's face, but instead they send identification tokens which are known as "cookies" to a user's browser. After receiving these cookies, when a user again visits the same website, the website is able to recognize it is the same user, and can then provide services which are better suited to that individual user. In addition, advertisements for our company may be shown on the websites of other companies associated with our company based on the history of the user browsing our website and other information obtained via these cookies.

If a user does not input personal information into our company website, the user remains anonymous and cookies cannot be used to personally identify the individual. Users can configure their browsers to refuse to accept cookies. In addition, web beacons are techniques which are used to count the number of times a user has visited a page and create statistical data and do not possess any functions which can be used to personally identify a user.

Personal information for which our company is authorized to comply with requests for disclosure, etc.

Our company has published the following items related to personal information for which our company is authorized to comply with requests for disclosure, etc.

  1. 1.Business operator name
    Japan E.M. Solutions Co., Ltd.
  2. 2.Usage purposes
    Refer toPurposes for use of personal informationor information on the usage purposes of personal information which can be disclosed.
  3. 3.Contact for complains and consultation, and certifying personal information protection organizations
    Refer toPersonal information related inquiries, complaints, and consultation.
  4. 4.Procedures for requests for disclosure, etc.
    Refer to Procedures for requests for disclosure, etc.

Users under 16 years of age

Users under 16 years of age must obtain the consent of their legal guardian before providing personal information.

Our company's website

Users can visit and browse our company website without providing any personal information whatsoever, and no user personal information is collected by simply browsing pages. For example, our company does carry out statistical trend analysis of whether a given page in the website is popular or not, however no personal information is included in this analysis.

Please note, out company accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for ensuring the protection of user personal information on any third party linked websites.

Google Analytics

Some of the pages on our website use the Google Analytics service provided by Google in order to determine information about user visits to our website. If Google Analytics is used on our company website, Google collects, records, and analyzes user browsing history on this site via cookies issued by our company. Our company then receives the results of this analysis from Google to determine information about user visits to our site. User information collected, recorded, and analyzed via Google Analytics includes absolutely no data which can be used to personally identify a user. In addition, this information is managed by Google in accordance with Google's privacy policy.

Users can disable Google Analytics through the use of a browser addon, which will prevent the collection of any user information through our company's use of Google Analytics. Download and install the "Google Analytics Opt-out Addon" from theGoogle Opt-out Addon Download Page to disable Google Analytics,without the need to change configure any addon settings in the browser. Please note, that disabling Google Analytics in this manner will also disable Google Analytics for other websites as well, however users can re-enable Google Analytics by reconfiguring the addon settings in their browser.

Refer to the Google Analytics website for information on the terms of use of Google Analytics, and refer to the Google website for Google's privacy policy.

Google Analytics terms of use:
Google privacy policy:
Google Analytics opt-out addon:

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